Karate World

«Victoria Karate League - MELBOURNE OPEN»
10th SKIF America Continental Championships
«Pomerania Cup 2019»
«Shotokan Masters-Cup»
The winners of the 3rd stage of the «Moscow-East» Cup
Central England 8th International Open
Results of the "Moscow Family Cup"
Austrian International Shotokan Championship 2024
Moscow family Cup results
«Moscow Open Cup Families» results
IKU World Championship 2024
15th WKC World Championship
"Rotterdam Cup"
Czech Open 2024
World Shotokan Karate Championships
European Shotokan Karate Championships
Black Belt Cup 2024
Open Baltic States Shotokan Karate Championship
Boden open 2024
Canada Open Karate Championships
«KOM OPEN» 2023
26th World Senior Karate WKF Championships
New Zealand Shotokan Karate Championships
«Latvian Open»
WSKA World Shotokan Karate-do Championships
Family Cup Moscow
World Shotokan Karate Championships
Karate Scotland International Open Grand Prix-1
Berlin Open women Kata
WSF Shotokan Worl Cup
BKF Four Nations Championships
25th JKA European Championship in Sursee, Switzerland
38th UK International Open Karate Championship
«Ontario Open»
12th European Shotokan Karate Championship SKUDN
«Shotokan Karate Cup»
«Open International Caesaraugusta Zaragoza»
«Shobu Ippon», «Para Cup» and «Kodomo Cup»
«Dresden Open»
«Paris Open 2023»
ESKA European Shotokan Karate-do Championship
ITKF World Traditional Karate Championship & 1st. ITKF World Cup For Children
Croatian Para Karate National League Open
Internationaler Nachwuchscup und Para-Karate cup
«Croatia Open»
«Moscow-East» Open Cup
WSF World Countries Shotokan Championships
Commonwealth Karate Championships
«Eichsfeld Open» 2022
World Championships for Cadets, Juniors and Seniors and World Cup for Children
Youth tournament «The Victory Day» 2022
«Alexandra Cup» and «Women of Moscow» 2022
EKF Senior Championships
WKC Open tournament in Smolensk
Europe Countries Shotokan Championships
All-Russian Karate Games
SKIF Russian Championship
«Trofeo Citta Di Borgosesia»
13th Russian WKC karate Cup 2022
Kid's WKF tournament
«Odenwald Cup»
12th Russian WKC karate Cup 2021
Results of the 12th Russian WKC karate Cup 2021
European Shotokan Karate-do Championship
Open tournament "Peter's Hope"
«Samourai Cup»
«Beker van t Kamp-Leopoldsburg Open»
«Finnish Open Cup»
«Gomel Open Cup»
«Hopes of Moscow»
World Shotokan Championships
Youth tournament «The Great Victory» 2021
Kids tournament «Alexandra's Cup» in Moscow
"Moscow Masters"
«Lady Cup» 2021
«Hopes of Moscow 2021»
International tournament in Lyubertsy
Russian WKC karate Championship 2021
Russian Open all-styles karate
«Gomel Open Cup 2020»
«Central England International Open»
Russian WKF Karate Championship
Everest Cup «Olympic Hopes»
«Moscow-East Open karate Cup»
International Martial Art Games
«Kathmandu Open International Karate Championship»
«Odesa Open»
«Alexandra's Cup 2020»
«Kyiv Open»
«Czech Open Karate Cup»
«Shotokan Cup» and «Goju-Ryu Cup»
«Golden Belt»
«Swedish Karate Open»
«Amsterdam Karate Cup»
«Young karateka»
«Australian Schools Age Championship»