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The winners of the 3rd stage of the «Moscow-East» Cup
Kata, beginners
Maxim Ushnikov

Kumite, beginners
Sofia Kargapoltseva

Kata, elite
Oleg Zaripov

Kumite shobu sanbon, light weight
Sofia Kargapoltseva

Kumite shobu sanbon, heavy weight
Oleg Zaripov

Team kata
Boris and Oleg Zaripov's

Team fukugo
«Zaitcevo» - Maxim Ushnikov, Boris Zaripov, Oleg Zaripov

​ The leader after the 3d autumn stages is Maxim Ushnikov (62 points). The family team leader - Svadkovskiy' family (84 points). ​

The 4th stage will be held at the end of December.


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