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Kids tournament «Alexandra's Cup» in Moscow
«Alexandra's Cup» will take place on May 16th in New Moscow region .

Partcipants - only girls up to 7 years old.

- Kata
Shotokan. All particpants have to do 2 katas/heians. In final meets sportsmen with the best total sum for 2 rounds.
Kata can't be repeated.

- Kumite shobu sanbon
One weight category. Duration of the fight: 1 ½ minutes.
Gloves, belts and chest protectors (white and red) are provided by organizer.
Feet protectors are forbidden.

- Freestyle kata
One round. Any music is alloweded. Duration for freestyle kata no more 2 minutes.

The girl with the best total result (Olympic standings) is awarded with a Grand Cup.

Limt number of entries - 8 starts per category.

No entry fee.

Deadline for registration is the 1st of May 2021.
Entry form can be sent to: vitaliy_svadkovskiy@mail.ru
Registered participants:
Trunova Arina, 7 y.o. (kata/kumite/freestyle kata)
Ushikova Alexandra, 6 y.o. (kata/kumite/freestyle kata)


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