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15th WKC World Championship
06.09.2024 — 08.09.2024
15th WKC World Championship will take place on September 6th-8th in the city of Sheffield (England).
Participants - children (8+), cadets, juniors, adults, veterans.
Individual and team kata and kumite.
Rules - WKC.
Sheffield is a city in South Yorkshire, England, whose name derives from the River Sheaf which runs through it. The city serves as the administrative centre of the City of Sheffield. It is historically part of the West Riding of Yorkshire and some of its southern suburbs were transferred from Derbyshire to the city council. It is the largest settlement in South Yorkshire.

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March 17, 2024, 8:41 p.m.
OSU respected master Hope you will be ok and fine.i am amal Gul black belt official karate coach and I want to participate in your great event with My team if possible. Thanks