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9th Russian WKC karate Open Cup 2018
12.10.2018 — 14.10.2018
9th Russian WKC karate Open Cup 2018 will be held in the city of Cheboksary on October 12th-14th.
Participants - children (8+, for kata 5+), cadets, juniors, adults and veterans (40+, 50+, 56+).
Rules - WKC.
Categories - individual kata and kumite, team kata and kumite.
Kumite shobu ippon and shobu sanbon. Kata separately for styles: shorin ryu + wado ry, goju ryu + shito ryu, fudokan, shotokan. For the first time there will be kobudo categories.
The tournament open for any federation, club and sportsman.
Cheboksary is the capital city of Chuvashia, Russia and a port on the Volga River. Population: 453,721.
The city is located in the Volga Upland region and stands on the shore of the Cheboksary Reservoir. Its area is 250.9 square kilometers.


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