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«Battle of the Teams»
What is Battle of the Teams?
The Battle of the Teams is a unique karate event. In which only teams will compete to be the ultimate winner of the tournament. During this event the number of points scored per team competitor will count, instead of the number of winning matches. This unique system will make the tournament exciting until the last minute.

Price money:
Battle of the Teams will reward the best senior male team and the best senior female team this year with each € 650 cash and the best Category -21 year mix team gets € 300,00 cash the best junior male team and the best junior female team each € 200,00.

Conceptual Program
Teams youth/ -21 mix team: sign in from 08.00-09.00 hrs start of competition planned at 09.15 hrs
Teams cadet/ juniors/seniors: sign in from 12.30-13.00 hrs start of competition planned at 13.30 hrs
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